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Pharma Planning Co., Ltd. will offer engineering services not only in GXP consulting business concerning pharmaceutical products, APIs, quasi-drugs, and medical devices
but also in a variety of situations including new business, new product, and renewal to constructors, engineering companies, machinery manufacturers,
and so on from the stand point of clients.

1.Support for basic plans

フィージビリティースタディー(FS 事業可能性検討)

We can provide support for business from research and development to sale with the best cost and in the shortest lead time along
with the business plan of the customers. We will support validations from drawing and designing basic plans to preparation
of requirement specifications, development plan, and validation master plan.

2.Feasibility study

フィージビリティースタディー(FS 事業可能性検討)

We will propose selection of processes and optimal facility construction meeting your needs.

Estimation of cost with high accuracy based on actual results and experiences

Proposal of optimization of the running cost

Packaging form, automation and power saving, and environmental measures

Utility system and procurement/storage/stocking/distribution

3.Front-end engineering design(FEED) for bidding engineering, procurement, and construction contract

フEPC入札のためのFront End Engineering Design

Front-end engineering design (FEED) is a basic design conducted after conceptual design and feasibility study (FS).
In FEED, technical issues and rough estimates are examined through designing in a stage before engineering,
procurement, and construction (EPC). We will promote the operation along with the client.

4.Engineering-support operations


For the success of the project, we will support the project management in each phase of detailed design, procurement,
construction, and commissioning as well as activities from preparation of validation documents to implementation
in accordance with GMP.

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