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We think that health comes first, and that manufacturing should not be limited by boarders.

We provide the most valuable and latest advices to our clients.


We, Pharma Planning are
consuilting based on three principles.

Creating feasible and
realizable proposals
Supporting the customer's 
to help find and resolve issues by themselves
Working hand in hand
with the customer




One-stop consulting

・We have experienced consultants from various field like Pharmaceutical(API/FDF), Medical Device, and Cosmetic(Ingredient/FDF).

・Provide proposals from a wide range of viewpoints including R&D (API/FDF), QA, QC, Manufacturing, Regulatory Affairs, and Engineering.

Providing one-stop service consulting service


Providing the right support for the right client

・Consultants engaged with medium-sized pharmaceu-ticals company to provide regulatory advice that is in lin-e with actual client`s status and make proposals based on the client`s point of view.

・Pharma Planning is a professional group of pharmac-euticals, medical devices and cosmetics consultants.
While our clients generally work with our individual con-sultants, we also work as a team to provide our integrat-ed knowledge to each client.

・We can coordinate business matching with foreign c-ompanies and support the creation of synergy among
Japanese and foreign companies.

Providing the right support for the right client



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